Character Grade | French Oak

The unfinished Character French Oak boards features occasional knots of varying size, colour variations and perhaps the odd split and end crack.

Sizes: 190x1900x15/4mm & 220x2200x15/4mm

Technical Characteristics


Pin Knots: Up to 6mm

*Knots larger than 1.3mm


Shade Variation: Medium

*Variances in tonality


Filled Knots: Medium

*Up to 40mm


Sapwood: 15% Allowed

*The lighter, younger part of the tree between the bark and the heartwood. Over age the sapwood becomes heartwood


Mineral Streaks: Low

*Olive – black – brown discoloration in the hardwood


Cracks & Splits: Allowed up to 200mm in length

*Separation of the wood fibres that extend completely through a piece a timber usually and the end

Colours & Finishes

There are many colours available to apply to an unfinished board. Whether it be light or dark, grey or white-washed, smoked, natural or anything in between, the possibilities are endless. Besides the different wood colours you can choose from, there are also many forms of finishing available for engineered wood.  These range from oil based finishes to water based polyurethane finishes.  These options can be discussed with your installer to ensure you achieve the finish and look you ultimately desire.

Trending Colours for Unfinished Boards



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Cleaning & Maintenance

Guidelines for home owners to ensure their engineered wood floors are maintained correctly.